Who are us

What is The Anxious Men Podcast? 

The Anxious Men Podcast is a weekly get-together between two friends (Adam and Nick) where they delve into mental health and all that overarching subject entails. They also talk about the issues they’ve encountered that week along with their many many regrets from years gone by that still haunt them to this day.   

Okay, but who are Adam and Nick? 

Adam (or “Gibbo” to everyone) lives somewhere in Manchester and helps banks give mortgages to people who shouldn’t have them or something like that.  He loves #FinTech and all those other wanky hashtags that other people who live their lives through LinkedIn love.  For the past few years, he’s promised various people that he’s going to start doing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu but thinks his Karate background means he can still handle himself “on the streets”.  He only eats Pot Noodle and doesn’t understand what rappers are saying. 

Nick (or “Black Belt Venables” to his friends) is a surprisingly witty and deceptively powerful individual living in a Manchester suburb with his long-suffering girlfriend. In between doing something involving nuclear physics and BJJ, Nick spends a lot of his time watching people cycle or going on country walks whilst doing a Yorkshire accent. Nick’s favourite band is Tool and he once let Adam stay the night at his third-year university house despite not really knowing him at the time.