Hello/A Handy Podcast Guide!

Anxious Man Adam discusses the complexities of moving sites and also offers a handy “beginner’s guide” to the podcast to newcomers. 

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Hello, World. This is our new shiny website. Look at the excitement on our faces. 

Moving sites seemed like a good idea a month or so ago. We both weren’t necessarily thrilled with what the previous incarnation of the Anxious Men site was; it was fairly basic and limited in what it could do. It served its purpose for the first year but beyond telling you who we were, where to find the site and giving you a contact method, there wasn’t much else there. I had the idea of integrating more content into our fold beyond the podcast, mainly introducing a blog of some kind, to share our behind the scenes stuff, thoughts on podcast topics for those intrigued enough to read on, to offer some show notes and also, a place to create some more (wait for it) content (sorry).

So we cancelled the annual subscription with our other provider and moved over to WordPress; a site I’m all too familiar with and love using. I then tasked myself with sorting the site out and getting it up and running. What I forgot was the fact that I’m fairly woeful when it comes to time management and finding time for things beyond my 9-5 and weekend getaways. This led to a fairly stressful couple of evenings where transferring a domain over and making a website look remotely pleasing on the eyes was seemingly at the same level as open heart surgery.  A few endless sessions and some grey hairs later, we made it and the website is now well and truly live!

The Anxious Men Beginner’s Guide 

Seeing as this is the first post on our blog, I thought it would make sense to offer a bit of a beginner’s guide to the podcast. I thought this as there may be people who are discovering this site/blog and have no idea where to begin. It’s not a guide you have to follow, but it’ll guide you towards to the episodes that I personally really enjoy and think are decent enough starting points.

Episode 001 – Origins 

Where it all began. Episode one was an interesting one to record and share with the world, mainly because it’s a very difficult thing to speak about your own mental health and wellbeing and then putting it out there for anyone to listen to.

We’d done a practice run of this episode which was good, but in all honesty, this version we put out there was significantly better. We weren’t there with on-air chemistry just yet, but we were on our way.

Episode 002 – Depression 

Depression was a rough one to record but an important episode. I had real trepidations with it when we’d finished recording it as it was a stark conversation about those moments where we were at our most desperate and lowest. Nick was more enthusiastic about getting it out there than I was.

Looking back, he was right, it’s a really good episode and one of the main ones I’m particularly proud of looking back.

Episode 011 – Childhood 

There were two stories I never really wanted to make this public on this podcast; the story where I was bullied and hid in fear when I was younger and a fairly traumatising story of an assault I encountered. Despite knowing Nick for some years now, I also didn’t know anything of his childhood and what he’d experienced growing up.

The topic of childhood was a great topic to kick off ‘season two’ (aka the season that’s never ended) and a theme that was completely necessary to have when unravelling our mental health.

Episode 015 – Crying

One of the more emotionally exhaustive episodes. This was before Nick buggered off to Sri Lanka and we had planned to record this and episode 16 (The Future) an hour apart. I’d sat down on my bed for an hour in silence. An hour later, Nick called and we both said at almost the same time “I can’t do it”.

It was odd to talk about crying on a podcast. It’s an oddly intensely private activity that you don’t necessarily want to share with people. But here we were; two men talking about crying.

Episodes 017 and 018 – Dr Rosi Sexton 

A bit of a scoop in regards to a guest Nick managed to wrangle onto the show was Rosi Sexton. I knew of Rosi from following MMA fairly religiously over the last 10 years or so and in fact, saw one of her last fights live in Manchester some 5 years ago. Through Nick’s BJJ gym connections he was able to organise this 2 part interview with Dr Sexton to discuss everything from academia to martial arts.

I was immensely proud of Nick’s interviewing abilities (once I got over the fact I wasn’t going to be on the episode) and it made me keen to do more interview-centric episodes going forward. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened quite yet but I’m hopeful that we’ll have interviews going forward.

Episode 022 – Suicide 

I remember being particularly fired up for this episode and had mulled over the topic whilst at work that day. We’d agreed to it the week prior and we were both very interested in essentially revisiting an aspect from Episode 2.

We were keen to discuss it to try to unpack the enigma of why so many men killed themselves. Whether we truly found an answer or not didn’t really matter; what mattered was having the discussion, something we as men don’t do enough of. Both me and Nick are proud of this episode and it stands out to me as one of the episodes I would recommend people listen to.

Episode 028 – Adult Friendships 

This was the last London-Manchester episode and was one I did mid-packing mine and my girlfriend’s lives up. The stress of that, tied in with wanting to discuss the death of one of my heroes, Anthony Bourdain, made this an episode I enjoyed recording.

Recording most weeks and the time constraints that come with that means, unfortunately, not every episode is as good as it could be. If I remember correctly, there were a few episodes prior to this that weren’t blow away quality-wise. Both of us knew when this episode had finished that we’d recorded one of our best yet on a topic that we didn’t really know we could get a whole episode out of.

Episode 029 – This Week

The first episode recorded from my new flat in Manchester in my bedroom. It had been a long stressful period of time before me and my girlfriend had completed the move from London to Manchester and in this episode you can hear the relief in my voice that we’d finally managed it.

This was also the first of our “This Week” style episodes where there’s no overarching topic for us to delve into long-form that week. This is typically something we go for now when we have had something fairly big happen during the week between episodes or when we want a looser feel to that week’s episode. This episode, in particular, stands out as it was a significant move in my life direction and I felt the need to talk about it. Thankfully, Nick was happy enough to oblige me.

So there you have it, some of the prime cuts from our podcast’s back catalogue or, rather, the episodes I really enjoyed and the first blog post on our new site! I feel the need to celebrate, but instead, I’ll probably just continue to look out of the window with the impending dread of Monday looming over me.




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